7 Tips: Nail your Interview

Once you pull off with the job application, meet the deadline and get invited for a job interview, the next thing that pressures you is about creating an impression in person. There could be a lot of confusions involved before going for an interview. But the only thing lacking here is a little bit of preparation.

Here are some tips on how to ace a job interview and stand out in the crowd:

1. Do some research

Researching about the company where you’ve applied for the job is an important exercise for the interview. This will guide you in answering the interviewer's questions with confidence. Doing so will also show your genuine interest in the company. Research also helps you to know more about the company and the type of person they are looking for.   


2. Know your resume

Any skills or work experiences enlisted in your resume is the topic the interviewer will pick to discuss about. It is in your hands to convince the interviewer about how your experience and skills are applicable for the works you will be assigned. So, build your confidence by reading your own resume and knowing what to deliver about it.


3. Prepare the documents

It is always good to carry all the necessary documents with you when you go for an interview. For instance, any past work reference or certificates or even a copy of your resume are the essentials which must be carried along. Even if these documents are not required, who knows you might need one over a certain context.


4. Dress accordingly

In most of the time confidence comes from your outfit. Clothing is also a way of telling people that you have come prepared. Grab something that suits as a business attire. Also, don't wait until the last moment to make sure your interview clothes are ready.


5. Be there on time

One of the tricks to create a first impression is by being there on time. Being ahead of time also enables the interviewer to be ready for you. Get the directions, check on the routes, traffic and get there well ahead of time. Punctuality indicates that you pay attention to important details and are serious about the job.


6. Body Language

Body Language is a powerful non-verbal communication. It could be tempting to use a good body posture and eye contact while having a conversation with the interviewer. To ace your interview you must be letting out a positive energy through the body language. Sit up straight without slouching your back and have an eye contact to create a connection.


7. Listen & Ask Questions

Keep your concentration active during the entire interview. If you don't listen you won't be able to give good response. In addition, don't hesitate to ask questions. It always looks nice when you have intelligent questions to ask in the interview. Build a relationship with the interviewer by making it more interactive with the help of your questions. Make sure you do ask them and tell what you liked about the company or the interviewer. Everybody loves compliments!